Welcome to my Shop

Hello and welcome to my new online shop - the bright and wacky world of Katherine Barney.

All items are handpainted by me onto earthenware and then glazed and fired in my own kiln here in north Norfolk. All my pieces are 'one offs', and therefor no two pieces will be identical. However. I do repeat certain popular designs and colour schemes and so if you are interested in an item that may already have sold then feel free to contact me by telephone on 01362 638589 or by email at katherineb@greenbee.net

New work will appear on the website each month or as it becomes available.

In the near future other items will be available including cushions and bags, which will feature my designs printed onto cotton and linen fabric, printed and hand finished here in the UK. Table mats and coasters with similar designs will also be available.

For simplicity all prices quoted are inclusive of postage and packaging to any address in the UK. Please take note of any care instructions included with your purchase. (With ceramic items it is advisable to avoid microwaves and dishwashers as over time this could damage the glaze.)

I hope you can find something you'll enjoy owning or giving as a special present and again please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any special requests or commissions.

Rimmed Bowl

Earthenware bowl painted by hand with stripes of red, orange, lime, turquoise, yellow, black line. Perfect for pasta, salads, small fruit bowl.
Underneath is written
Love in a very cold climate and my signature.

Pasta Bowl

Rooster with yellow sun, background bright red with blue and yellow dots.
Perfect for salads, pasta.
Underneath it says
The world is my oyster, so I must be wise and kind.

Butter Dish 1

Yellow orange hare on salmon pink background with lime stripes,turquoise and red dots
Underneath it says
Butter not squash

Butter dish 2

Deep purple flowers with a turquoise stripe.
Leaves in lime and racing green.
Underneath it says
Life is butter dream

Rice Bowl

Deep purple flowers with turquoise stripes.leaves in lime racing green.
Underneath it says
Good food

Daddy Mug

Daddy mug with red and orange poppies, lime green and racing green leaves
Underneath it says
Make sure your cup is half full

Daddy Mug 2

Cockerel with yellow sun on bright red background with blue and yellow dots.
Underneath it says
So much better to be in control of you own life

Straight Jug

Red and orange poppies on white background. Lime and racing green leaves
Underneath it says
Zing went the strings of my heart

Traditional Jug

Bright Gerba flowers in orange, yellow, pink, red with lime and racing green leaves
Underneath it says
Too much to do, must stop

Traditional Jug 2

Same info as last apart from Deep green base with pink yellow orange flowers
Underneath it says
Be a star in your life

Coaster 1

Bright Gerba flowers in red, pink, orange, yellow

Coaster 2

Hare on salmon pink background white and juniper flowers

Coaster 3

Cockerel on green with orange and red dots

Coaster 4

Dark blue base yellow pink flowers, turquoise and green leaves

Coaster 5

Red rooster with yellow sun on bright red background

Coaster 6

Turquoise background deep blue flowers with lime and racing green leaves

Coaster 7

Pale blue, turquoise flowers on white background with lime and racing green leaves

Fluted Vase

Deep green background with bright red, orange, yellow flowers, stems and leaves in pink, juniper and lime.
Perfect for flowers
Underneath it says
My naughty dogs definitely rule my house

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Visits to the Studio can be arranged, but strictly by appointment only!

Katherine Barney Ceramic Artist Norfolk. Mill Farm Annex, Rectory Road, Elsing, near Dereham, Norfolk NR20 3EQ.