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Inspiration for my hand painted ceramics


I have studied art at college and University and have an art related degree and MA.


But what’s more important for me is that as a child I used to paint with my granny every weekend. She was a really talented artist. She took me to all sorts of country and coastal retreats with a flask of tea and marmite sandwiches. I now seem to see the world in terms of colour, texture, pattern and design; I’m always stockpiling ideas and never seem to catch up with the work of putting them together. I love to vary the colour tones, often by mistake and just see if I’m pleased with the outcome.


I do find birds, fish, flowers, animals and chickens particularly fascinating subjects. We have about 20 bantams roaming the garden; they’re moody and broody and sometimes provide us with eggs. Their plumage and colour variations are fascinating and complex; I can often stare at them for ages when I should be working.


I also love my garden, though sometimes it gets neglected. I collect plants and stuff them into borders without much thought attached. I rarely know the names of them but usually it works out somehow and here again the colours and shapes feature in lots of my work. It is particularly nice to sit and work in the garden along with the sounds and the scents of a summer’s day (when we get one!); oh and the odd glass of wine.


I have a little dog called Rosie and a wonderful new puppy, Margo and together they distract me as much as the chickens.


I basically love colour and nature is the finest source of that.


Katherine Barney hand painting a bowl
Marmite jar

"...country and coastal retreats with a flask of tea and marmite sandwiches"

Katherine Barney Ceramic Artist Norfolk. Mill Farm Annex, Rectory Road, Elsing, near Dereham, Norfolk NR20 3EQ.

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