Another new milk jug!

This parrot tea pot went to Australia!

I sent out a lovely milk jug and it arrived safely but within a few days it got broken. The customer contacted me to make another as they loved it so much!



Large painted kitchen tile panel

"Any of my ceramics can

be commissioned. Why

not give me a call to

discuss your ideas?


I'm happy to help with suggestions"

Hand painted ceramic commission pieces


I undertake many individual design commissions. This may be a specific design, pattern or colour added to a particular item; sometimes simply a few words on the base or rim of a bowl or jug to commemorate an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.


More recently I have completed some very large (20inch) platters as a wedding celebration platter. These incorporate the individual features and characteristics of the special day in words, colour and images.


I also design tile panels of all sizes and dimensions. Some clients require specific splash back surfaces for bathroom and kitchen and others just hang them on the wall in a simple frame.



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